how my fat weight body cost me my job!

Where Do I Even Start from? The tears have refused to stop.But before then, everything was fine. A good job, decent home and well to-do husband – handsome and intelligent, though not super rich, but we were very comfortable. Babes dying to have him… But then… all these were mine. Yes! They were all mine.

But those were the better days when Funke was still Funke. the Funke is me 🙁 As the years pass by, so did my happiness fade into thin memories. Everything I held dearly slowly slipped off my fingers. First was my job, and later my hubby.

Not that the man called Charles is no longer my husband, but the sweet tender love he once had for me had for long departed from his heart.

That begins my weight gain journey…

The same journey of tears, but thanks to the Road Safety official who led me into what rekindled my life. She’s literally the reason I regained my marriage and confidence back.My story has inspired and helped many.

Last count yesterday night put the number at 67. Over 67 folks who were imprisoned by their weights – men and women.

Men, women, old and young… it works for everybody

source: wew healthylivinggist.com

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