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Should I Dump My Boyfriend For My Rich Ex-Boyfriend Who Is ready To Marry Me?

What are the characteristics of a good marriage, I am 25 and single that is i am not yet married, and staying in a relationship is like world war 2 , trust me its not easy… seems like love is not all it takes… I am in a serious relationship with a 27 year old guy and we are In love and we are both university graduates but I don’t think we can make it to the alter or ever get married, because it’s a different drama everyday, I have never caught him cheating and he respects me so much, but the issue is his family controls a better part of him and he isn’t ready for marriage anytime soon. But I have this ex who is very willing to marry me, all I have to do is tell him Yes that I am ready and am no longer in a relationship, he is very rich and has different cars and houses but am not so into him like that but he loves me for sure. What can i do?

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