Creative ways to propose to your girl

crative ways to propose

Yaay! You have spent some quality years ¬†with the love of your life and you are sure the time is ripe enough to pop the big question ‘will you marry me ‘. So, It’s about time to take your relationship to the next planet, but you wouldn’t like to ask her like just a regular question. You want to give her an unforgettable experience that won’t be forgetten by her any soon.

Here are very creative ways to make such heart desire come alive:

  1. Invite her for a date and start a conversation as usual. After a while, send the big question to her via a chat and while she’s trying to go through her message, humbly go on your knees and present the ring before she raises her head from her chat to utter any word, then say the magic words .You can as well invite her friends and families,with proper communication with them about when to come in.
  2. If she has an approachable boss, pay him /her a visit and make your intentions to propose to your partner known to him/her. The idea is for her boss to get her do a power point presentation at work while the proposal agenda would be included in the slides. This slide will contain pictures of moments you both spent together. As this is starting, you would be in the presentation room waiting for her to turn around with amazement from what she sees on the slide view. Trust me, she would forget the WORD ‘NO’
  3. Take a trip to meet with her if she’s out of town, get the closest person to her to bring her to your desired destination, I’m sure she would definitely be caught unaware considering the fact that she didn’t know you could come over.
  4. Get her a beautiful shoe and offer to help her put them on. Get camera guys ready but hiding and as you finish buckling the shoes or fitting her feets into them, maintain your squatting position while you bring out the ring and ask politely ‘will you marry me’. I’m sure that shoe would never be given out to anyone.
  5. Visit any restaurant of your choice and discuss on how you want them to help you make your big day a success. All you need them do is to place a placard bearing the question ‘will you be my wife’s in the middle of a menu, and when you come in with your girl, you signal to the waiter to come over with a menu for placing of order. As she goes through, just tell her to flip the page to check if there are other menus at the back, only to find a menu she has been waiting for. Give it a try!

When we say we love, we ought to show it especially on days like her proposal. Proposals are just one of the ways to show you cherish your girl, most guys are sure about the answer, but it’s cool to add spices to our relationship. wish you luck!!



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