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Hey y’all get in here and let’s trash this topic called: SEX. Shebi as Africans, our parents and society believe say to talk about sex na bad thing? Mbok, where them get that idea from? Hhehehehe.

On a more serious note, what’s the big deal about sex that it is such a taboo and one that shouldn’t be spoken of but experienced in marriage? You know, it is quite funny and ironic at the same time because, what we were shielded from as kids is now what sells faster than gala.

I don’t know about you, but I believe we should shroud our kids from them from the ideology of sex, but we should help them understand what it stands for and its implication etc. at the appropriate age. Not only will this help them face whatever temptations they meet out there, but it will prepare them for the world so to speak.

I once read something on a site, where the lady said her daughter and son of the ages of 7 – 1 respectively sleep with her and her husband in their room, just because her husband is of the school of thought that his kids shouldn’t sleep alone. The little girl had caught them in the act of love-making several times and this affected her in a way that, she started giving her mum attitudes, refuses to run errands etc. This lady was asking for advice, but how can one advice such a woman, without also speaking to her husband? That child was exposed too early, and without proper sexual education.


But then again, I am just one person, I am sure everyone reading this blog, have a thing or two to say about sex, and how we can go about educating our kids…Don’t be shy, share your knowledge, even me want to learn.


By Detoun

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