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All My Fiancee Is Cares About is My Money And Fast Foods. Pls Advise

My people pleaseeee I need sincere advise here. Your advise will definitely guide me on the next step to take.

There is a beautiful girl I’ve been considering getting married to, but the way she requests money and fast food is making her look very … lol.. “hungry” and opportunistic to me. The values she sees in a man seem to me like its basically what he will BUY for her. I confess that I made matters worse initially by “fast fooding” each time we meet… Now I think she sees me like a free lunch at crunchies. If I call her in the afternoon, she says I’m hungry.. its so irritating now.. in fact I lost a lot of regards for her..but she doesn’t know yet.

Recently she asked me for some money and I refused very politely..she said she was “disappointed”.

I wonder if she even loves any other thing about me asides the MONEY I WILL GIVE HER. she pays ABSOLUTELY NO attention the things I want her to see in me…like level of maturity, my leadership skills, I taught she was just being childish, but lately I discovered its just her nature. her ideology about a guy is WHAT WILL I GET FROM HIM.. I might dump her .. i wont even talk to her about it. please advise me


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