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8 Qualities That Will Make Ladies Fall For you

The traits in a man that will uniquely make him physically and morally enticing to ladies ranges from his height, voice, mode of dressing and down to other physical attributes

Below are these qualities;

1. Strong Financial Status

When a guy is wealthy, even if he’s crippled, he will get immense desperation from numerous ladies. In fact, most of them will even overlook his bad manners and disability. Times without number, I have seen ladies staring lust fully at guys riding big cars and without shame, they approach to woo these guys.

2. Body Physique

Ladies may not be able to hide their feelings when they spot tall, dark/fair and handsome guys. To make matters more interesting, when the so called guy has six packs, they grill their teeth endlessly. It’s even funny that everyday, the same guy becomes their focal point of discussion as if something financially valuable will come out of it.

3. Sexy Voice and Good Grammatical Expression

A guy with cool voice and flawless grammatical expression is often admired by ladies. When such guys call a lady, she rushes with speed of light to pick his calls. Ladies will agree with me that a guy with captivating voice often turn them on and may even self service. Most radio presenters can relate to this.

4. Good Sense of Humour

Having a good sense of humour doesn’t mean one should crack stupid jokes or become a notorious clown. Guys who know how to make irate or moody people laugh, top the list of guys being admired by ladies. To be candid, ladies do raise their eye brow when they spot a comedian and it doesn’t necessarily means they are glean to his rich pocket alone but also his hilarious nature.

5. Good Dress Sense

A guy whose outfit is simple, neat and classic makes ladies go nuts when they spot him. A grown up man with ragged and tattered wears is such a big turn off for most ladies. Ladies can attest to this fact

6. Diligence and Intelligence

Ladies cherish hard working, focused and clever guys that don’t womanize but focus in their careers.

7. Maturity and Respect

It’s a pity that guys mistake maturity for over bloated ego. A man is supposed to know how to handle complex situation especially when a lady provokes him. Slapping or beating a lady is totally disrespectful and shameful. Being able to apply tactful acts to calm difficult situation will make him earn the respect and submission from a lady. There is no way these categories of guys will not be adore by ladies.

8. Good Cook

I have a friend who knows how to prepare all sort of meals deliciously. This guy’s delicacies are so tantalising that even make a married man can abandon his wife meals for that of my friend. Ladies who have tasted his meals quickly fall in love and can’t take their eyes away from him.

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