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60 Awesome break up lines To End a Relationship

60 break up lines – We all know that all relationships won’t end up in marriage. So sometimes you might have to make that hard decision of ending a relationship. Here are some break up lines to adopt when breaking up.
1. It’s not you it’s me (The Most Popular)
2. You are too good for me
3. You deserve better
4. My parents asked me to marry from our tribe
5. I’m not ready for marriage now
6. I don’t wanna waste your time
7. Let’s take a break
8. I need to focus on my studies
9. Can’t take good care of you
10. Something about us just doesnt feel right
11. I dont know what i want right now

12. I like you a lot but i dont think i really love you
13. This relationship isnt working
14. I need to work on myself before getting into any commitment
15. I need some time off
16. i’m not in the right frame of mind right now to date
17. I think we are better off as friends
18. You will find the right person
19. I need time and some space
20. I am not attracted to you but I still love you
21. I need to move closer to God
22. I just gave my life to Christ and I can’t continue in a sinful relationship
23. Your organ is too big for me cant handle it
24. I don’t want sexual relationship, lets end this
25. I’m no longer worthy of you
26. You are too good for me
27. We are moving Things too far lets chill
28. You are not who I thought you were
29. I don’t love you like i should
30. It’s hard for me to let go, i just have to
31. You are just too perfect but not just for me
32. May be we are not meant to be
33. I don’t think I can handle long distance relationship anymore
34. We are not compatible , You like Chelsea i Love Man U
35. You are always right, i hate making you wrong. I have to let go
36. I need to discover myself , I  need some time
37. My family doesn’t like you
38. We don’t share the same principles and values
39. I don’t want to be the one holding you back.
40. I am tired of always making you sad
41. My mum just brought a girl they want me to marry
42. My pastor saw a vision that we shouldn’t continue
43. I need to focus on my education
44. I think it’s bad timing for us
45. I am Still in love with my ex
46. I’m sorry i’m gonna have to let you go
47. I’m tired of this relationship
48. I’m not doing again, I’m tired
49. I prayed about it and God said you are not the one
50. I feel i am holding you captive, its time to set you free
51. My new job wouldn’t allow me to date you
52. its not fair keeping you waiting when I’m not ready
53. We both need to work on ourselves
54. My life hasn’t been going good since we met
55. I have never dreamed of you , so you are not the one for me
56. It’s a taboo to marry outside our clan
57. We have different religious views
58. I got someone pregnant and my family said i must marry her
59. You have never farted in my present before, you must be hiding other thing
60. Add your to complete the list.


Disclaimer: I must warn you some of these lines are known to attract slaps. So you might want to step back a little while using them. Goodluck

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