3 things that cause pain during sex for ladies

Ladies, have you ever had a situation when sex was painful? Most of us had! Once you learn these tips on how to get rid of it, you would take sex to the next level of enjoyment.
pain during sex Now, this is a list of symptoms or things that cause pain, their possible causes, and solutions. Symptom #1: Vaginal discharge combined with itching It might be caused by some infection. So, pay attention. Painful sex, in this case, is the least of your troubles. For one, consult your doctor ASAP. For two: find an adequate treatment. These symptoms may be caused by yeast, or they may even indicate the presence of an STD.
For three: urge your sexual partner to go through a checkup. Symptom #2: itching You may feel skin irritation and itching on the outside of the vagina. If there is no unusual discharge, it might be caused by improper hygiene. Too little or too much of it is equally bad. If you use a regular soap to wash your private parts, it may over dry the skin and evoke itching. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter sex pain
Symptom #3: excessive dryness There are many things that may evoke such a symptom. And it certainly makes sex painful and difficult, too. One of the causes is stress. Maybe you are working too hard to worrying too much. Hormonal jumps can also lead to dryness, as well as use some medications. Again, it’s best to consult your doctor and run some tests. For the time being, get a good lubricant. It’s better to pick the one with no smell or taste to avoid any allergic reaction.
Symptom #4: no way in At times a vagina may get too tight for penetration. In most cases, there is a reason to worry about it, as it may be caused by vaginismus. No one really knows why this happens. In some cases women who went through sexual abuse have it. In other cases, it might be caused by lack of pelvic muscle training. So, so some exercises for your vaginal muscles regularly.

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