10 Ways of Preventing Ebola That You Didn’t Know About

ebola prevention

There is a saying that prevention is better than cure, but what happens when you are ignorant of the preventive measures to take to prevent deadly diseases.

Ebola has claimed many lives in the last couple of  months, the deadly virus which its still spreading fast  across west Africa has become a nightmare in the lives of every citizens of West African Countries where it is currently ravaging the country. There has been several articles on  how to prevent oneself from this deadly disease, but  most of these articles failed to address some basic  preventive measures to tackle the deadly virus called ebola. Some  of the articles focuses on the using hand sanitizers  and some common hygiene. But Most of these articles forget the most important day to day activities that if ignored could lead to the loss of many lives. Here are some of the day  to day activities that could get you infested which you never thought of of knew about.


1. Toilets: It would have been best to say  Prevent the use of public toilets but sometimes it  can’t be avoided lets say at the malls, offices, neighbours houses, church etc. No matter how much you try sometimes you can’t avoid it. And even though you do, would you stop visitors from using your house toilets? Let me save you the story, Most of us don’t clean  the WC seats before seating on them, this is very wrong, since  the virus can spread through body fluids, what if an  ebola patient seats on the same WC or urinates and it splashes  on the seat which is common of men to do, you are 85% head on to catching this  virus. So next time, Make sure you clean the seats of the WC with  sanitizers, soap or liquid wash before using it.

2. Public Seats: Some of you are raising your eyebrows now, but Imagine a sweaty ebola patient seated  on the same seat you are about to seat on, and lets  assume you are a sweat person too, I guess there could be a chemical  reaction meaning you stand a chance of contacting this deadly disease as a result of that. Always sanitize/clean public seats before sitting on them.

3. Don’t trust your family friends or colleague: Most of us care about our family members, friends and colleagues that we don’t see them catching this virus. I’ve  come to realize that the first victims of this deadly  ebola virus are the friends and family members of the  infested person. For example I noticed my friends feel  comfortable shaking or hugging me but wouldn’t do  same to an outsider or a stranger.

4. Are your Work tools Sanitized: i guess the answer  is a NO. Most people would obey all health guidelines  except this one. From research some scientist found out that the computer keyboards is more dirty and contains more germs than the public toilet. For your information, make it a good practice to sanitize your work tools daily. Reason Because these are the things you cant help but handle within minutes and seconds everyday, and what happens if these objects has been infested, you stand a high change of getting the virus

5. Speak Up: Most of us tends to shy away from telling people to seat well or not to touch us because we don’t want to sound rude. Saying please kindly adjust your body or your skin is touching me when your body is in contact with someone else in public areas.

6. Eating in Public Restaurant: This is one of the greatest harm you can be doing to yourself right now, in the sense that ebola has been known to spread through bush meats and most of our local restaurants cook these bush meats in addition with other meats in the same stew  and what happens if  “you got served” an infested meal

7. Buying Fake Sanitizers: In the process of trying to protect yourself, So many of you are buying fake cheap but fake sanitizers in the market thinking its really killing the virus, but unfortunately, some fake sanitisers are known to be breeding ground for virus that is they cannot fully kill or stop this deadly virus from spreading

8. Sanitise your body too: Yes you heard me right, sanitize your body. From experience, parts of West Africa especially Nigerians loves touching without your approval, that is you get touched unexpectedly by people you don’t know. This happens in the mall, markets, streets every where you go that you cant just help being touched, I mean those little touches in the market from market sellers holding you and trying to make you patronise or buy from them, conductors trying to forcefully drag you to enter his bus, your friends holding you for no reason etc. Wont it also be a good practise to sanitise your body too?

9. Avoid public places: This virus has been known to spread fast in public areas such as markets, crowdy streets,viewing centees, beer parlours etc because one way or the other, you will come in contact with body fluids. So for now avoid public places.

10. Stay Away from Hospitals : if you have no business being at the hospital, Stay away from the hospitals right now please. And if you must you or visit an hospital for any reason, make sure the nurses is wearing a protective gloves and of she or he must attend to you, it must be a pair of new hand gloves. Else, Run for your life.

Staying safe is always the best preventive measure against any disease. Ebola is real. Stay Safe, Say No to Ebola

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