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When asked to discuss what ‘relationship’ means or stands for, we are always too serious jare.. I believe it is not a serious issue, but one that can be discussed in a relaxed and jovial atmosphere, abi na lie I talk? If we make it too serious, we might lose the important message we want to pass across and now where is the fun in that? We want to learn na, so let’s bring our ‘A’ game and make this topic fun by discussing the dynamics of relationship. I will start because it is said ‘Lead by example’.
Growing up, I used to think relationship is that intimacy between a man and a woman; Boy oh boy, was I so wrong. You can say I have seen the light oh. My eyes opened, and my heart opened up with it. I got some sort of revelation that made it known that, I have a relationship with everyone I care about, do business with, build some sort of friendship with, etc.

I started thinking, and analysing everything and everyone I know, and I realised I’ve been in a long term relationship with some, long distant relationship with some, causal relationship with some, etc. Of recent I decided to relate it with my duties as a worker and I realised I need to build a relationship with not just my colleagues, but with the customers too. How am I to provide an excellent service if I don’t have an already established relationship with those I work with and those I service?
Trust me, e no easy oh, but wetin man go do? If I do not put an effort into it, how then will i provide that excellent service that my boss keeps preaching about? I can go on and on about this, but I want us all to share in the fun, tell us what you think in your own words relationship is, and how you go about building one with those you meet? More on relationship coming soon! Have Fun People, let’s make it a fun discuss!


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